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Creating a Patient-Centric Healthcare Experience

Healthcare has traditionally been a provider-driven industry, with physicians and other healthcare professionals deciding on treatment plans without necessarily considering the patient’s perspective. However, with the rise of patient-Centric care, the focus has shifted to placing the patient at the center of the care experience. In this article, we will explore what it means to…

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``Ideas are everywhere, but knowledge is rare``

~ Thomas Sowell

About us

The Engagement Strategy group is a consultancy firm working with companies all over the world to help them find their unique “voice”​ and create their own world of content, values and meaning so that they can develop and maintain strong communities, harnessing their power for growth.

We’ve been helping businesses grow for over a decade. We do this by connecting strategy, tradition and technology, to grow hand in hand.

Being based in Europe, we specialize in paving the path for European business to grow in the global digital ecosystem. However, our clients are all over the globe and include some of the brightest innovators in many fields.


We believe that a paradigm shift is in order in business and marketing. While it is important to think about (and make) profits, we believe there must be a larger, broader vision of impact on economy and society. Our view of community based business development and marketing is aimed at just that – at connecting people around values, creating genuine trust and growing brands for the long run while fostering authentic lively communities. We want to change the way business is done.

What is Engagement Strategy?

“Engagement strategy begins with identifying the communities of a business, learning their language, the places they “hang in” (online and offline!), their actual needs from the client’s business or brand, and from there stimulate the business growth process.”

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